Application: Taiwan Financial Services Verification


This form is intended to support Google’s policy for Financial Services advertisers in Taiwan.

  1. If you are an authorized representative (such as a marketing agency or subsidiary) that holds the Google Ads ID on behalf of your licensed client or parent company, please do not provide your own information, and instead provide the information of your client or parent company when applying.
  2. Once you complete the form, you will receive a confirmation email (which will also be copied to Google).
  3. The confirmation email will include a code specific to your application (your “G2 code”). Please save your G2 code and keep it confidential.
  4. Within 5 days, you should receive notification from G2 regarding your application status (eg, approved, denied).
  5. If approved, you must return to Google and enter your G2 code in their form, along with identical information to that which is provided below.
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If you do not remember your G2 Code, please email the G2 Support Team
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Reapply with data prepopulated from your previous application. To verify your identity, you will be sent a verification code to the email entered in your last submission.

Reapply with an blank form.

Didn't receive a code?
The code has been sent to the email entered in your last submission. If you did not receive the email containing the verification code, please contact the G2 Support Team
Disclaimer: You must ensure that the name, ID, and domain you enter below are accurate to the letter. If any of this information does not identically match what you provide(d) to Google, or what you have provided to Taiwanese regulators, you may experience significant delays and/or have your application rejected.

Please indicate which category of Financial Services you provide (check all that apply): *

Please visit the Register of Securities and Futures Businesses and check the box for the sub-directory (Excel document) where your business information can be found. *

Please check all that apply: *

Please indicate which of the following exemptions you believe apply to your business. Please note: You may be asked to provide documentation to confirm that you qualify for the chosen exemption.

Please check the box that best describes your business model:

Please Note: (1) You will need to provide easily discoverable public disclosures of all your regulated first party financial services provider(s) on your website. You will need to provide the regulatory details of one of your regulated first party Financial Services providers.

Non-FS Business Model Regulated 1P FS Add On
Auto Dealerships Car financing, Auto Leases, Auto Insurance
Auto Dealerships Marketplaces Car financing, Auto Leases, Auto Insurance
Online Travel Agents Travel Insurance
Retail Buy Now Pay Later

Please provide a brief description of the business you are promoting on Google ads and your rationale for targeting keywords related to financial services. In addition, if you received a message from Google saying that the Financial Services advertising requirements apply to you, but you do not believe you have been targeting financial services users, please indicate that below. *

If you are exempt from obtaining a license or have any special approval or permits from the regulator, you can upload up to 2 documents here.

You can enter any additional notes regarding your business here. If you've uploaded a document, please provide a brief description of the document.

Please provide your Google Ads Customer ID *
Please make sure that you type this correctly. Only ONE Google Ads Customer ID is allowed per application. Any errors will lead to a rejected application.
Do not enter dashes. Manager accounts (accounts that help you manage multiple accounts) are not eligible; each child account must be submitted separately.
Click Here for help finding your Google Ads Customer ID.

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Please describe your relationship to the applicant and how G2 can verify the connection, including press releases, websites links, business information sites, etc.

User facing business name / DBA

Please provide your Registered Business Name *
NOTE: If you are seeking G2 verification based on your license with a Taiwanese regulatory body, please make sure that the business name you provide matches the identical spelling to that in the registry. If your business name does not match your verified name with Google, your application may experience significant delays or rejection.

Please provide your full business address *
NOTE: If you are seeking G2 verification based on your license with a Taiwanese regulatory body, this must match the address associated with the applicant’s licensure.

Please provide your business phone number *
NOTE: If you are seeking G2 verification based on your license with a Taiwanese regulatory body, this must match the phone number associated with the applicant’s licensure.

Please provide your Uniform Number. *

Please indicate the country where your business is incorporated *

Please provide a full list of domain names to which your ads will direct users, including any direct links to your App Store or Google Play applications, YouTube channels, or similar links. Please separate your list of domain names using commas. *
IMPORTANT: These will be the only domains which you are allowed to advertise. Make sure you provide a comprehensive list. All domains must be active, publicly available, and clearly connected to the Business Name applied for. (If you are submitting this form for a subsequent time, please know that the domains you provide here will replace all domains from previous submissions).

If one or more of your domain name(s) are included on a regulator registry, then please list those domain name(s) here. If you list more than one domain name, please separate your list using commas. If your domain name is not included on a regulator registry, please leave the following field blank.
IMPORTANT: Where it is possible to do so, we strongly encourage you to add a domain name to your registry entry and to ensure you have access to an email address on that domain. Not having this may lead to future disruptions in advertising.

Please share an email address where you can be reached *

If your domain name is listed on a regulator registry, please provide an email address that uses that domain name.
NOTE: Failure to provide an appropriate email address may result in failed verification. To avoid delays, we also strongly suggest that you ensure this email address is added to your Google Ads account.

Warranty *
Applicant warrants today and on a continuing basis that Applicant complies with any and all obligations that relate to the communication of, approval of, and restrictions on, financial promotions pursuant to applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Terms & Conditions *
I acknowledge that I have read and understand the G2 Financial Services Verification Terms and Conditions and hereby agree to comply with all obligations as set forth therein.

Privacy *
I acknowledge that I have read and understand the G2 Financial Services Verification Privacy Policy and hereby consent to the collection and use of personal data as described therein.

Personal Data Privacy Policy *
I understand that G2 Financial Services Verification is an international service which may involve the transfer of personal data to jurisdictions outside of the Free Area of the Republic of China (Taiwan Area). I hereby consent to the transfer of my personal data to G2’s affiliates located in the United States and Vietnam solely for purposes of data storage and processing in connection with the G2 Financial Services Verification service.